Odds and Ends

Ontario Cup Champs!

In other news, my nephew’s football team just won the U16 Ontario Cup! And, he set up the winning goal. Yay!

We watched the match on the Ontario Soccer Association website, which livestreamed the event. I’ve always had bad experiences when any livestreaming is involved, so I had very low expectations. But happily we got to watch the entire match, all the way from Oshawa to the Philippines, without any hiccups.

I guess my brother was too excited to give us the details, but the entire first half we were rooting for the wrong team. Hah. We were cheering for Burlington but couldn’t make out where my nephew was. And since my brother wasn’t answering his calls, we took matters into our own hands and tweeted the announcer:


We got a shoutout for the Philippines!


So the second half finally had us cheering for the right team (Go Oakville!). We’re all so proud of the nephew.


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