Thoughts on the Oscars

Thoughts on the Oscars

NPH Opening: Veerrry nice. Entertaining. I love the effects of blending NPH into famous scenes, and the shadows and silhouettes, especially that shoutout to Singin’ in the Rain. Jack Black made the number incredibly cool. Anna Kendrick, not so much. I would say that this just met expectations, because we all know NPH is awesome. … Continue reading

Movie Night

Love Or Hate: Couples Edition

And now the Witches’ Coven plays one of our favorite games –  Love Or Hate –  where we share our feelings for celebrities, with no in betweens. Our first edition –  we dish on Hollywood couples. 1. Brangelina Tammy: HATE. Sanctimonious bitch and overaged Lothario.  Loathing, unadulterated loathing. Chloe: HATE.  For obvious reasons. Sandy: HATE. … Continue reading